"Safe2Handle" hands-free door opener

Hygienic door opener for wrist and forearm

Minimize cross-contamination using the Safe2Handle door opener.
Using our high quality door opener  you can enter and exit any area without touching the door handle with your hands. Applicable in your company, in public areas and at home

The advantages of using Safe2Handle

Avoid germs on hands and stop the spread of viruses and bacteria that make people ill

​Easy installation

  • Complete door set: 1 set includes 2 door openers for each side of the door

  • Easy to install (door handle diameter 16 - 22 mm)

  • Anti-slip rubber pads included for optimal fixation

  • Removable without damaging the door handle

  • For public and private areas

Easy to use and to maintain

  • Straightforward to use. Includes 2 information stickers to draw the attention of the user.

  • The smooth surface of the door opener makes it very easy to clean and disinfect.


Easy to install


Avoid germs on hands


Easy to clean


How does the Safe2Handle work?

Reduce the risk of infection for yourself and your family as well as for your employees and customers by using a hands-free door opener. Our easy-to-install door opener doesn't require drilling holes nor replacing your door handle after using.


Setting it up is so easy. Fasten the two pieces together with screws over your existing handle and you're done!


Stop the spread!

Every day door handles are hotspots for microbes. Because of the frequent and inevitable use of most door handles, it can often be expected that bacteria and viruses are present. They are among the most germ-infested objects in houses, hospitals, factories, public areas, restaurants, schools, swimming pools, trade fairs etc.


As viruses such as COVID-19 can spread quickly we introduce the Safe2Handle hands-free door opener. The idea behind this door opener is to have a safe and fast solution for everyone.


Place it anywhere

Safe2Handle at home
Safe2Handle for schools and universities
Safe2Handle for shopping malls and stores
Safe2Handle for bars and restaurants
Safe2Handle for public areas

At home

Schools and universities

Shopping malls and stores

Bars and restaurants

Public areas like trade shows, hospitals, etc


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